Getting started
Wiretap is a Chrome extension that lets fans comment and share insights while watching Netflix shows.
Wiretap is easy to get. Download it from the Google Store.
Wiretap works in your Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop. Sorry, there’s no mobile version...yet. Along with Chrome, you need to have a Netflix account. You can sign in to Wiretap with either a Twitter or a Facebook account.
After adding the Wiretap extension to Chrome, Netflix will open automatically and then you can sign in to Wiretap with your Twitter or Facebook account. After signing in, you can get wiretapping straight away.
So you know, the group of comments you see on the right side of your screen are---as we like to call them---the comment stream. Your comment stream gets more personalized the more you use Wiretap. Here’s how. You’ll always see comments made by your friends and the people you choose to follow. Upvote comments that you like so that everyone sees them. You’ll also see some of the most upvoted comments from other fans too. And maybe a few guest stars. As more fans join in, the social experience will keep getting better.
Watching and commenting on shows
We like that question. Get this - any Netflix show can be wiretapped. Of course, not all of them are...just yet. So don’t be shy. Be the first to comment on any show you want.
To see what shows people are wiretapping, click the Wiretap logo at the top right of your screen. After our menu opens, click the Trending Shows tab and watch the same shows as other wiretappers. You can read their comments and vote on them, or add some of your own.
You’ll see comments at the top right of your screen if an episode has been wiretapped. The comments are synced according to the timeline. Psst, comments on the timeline are those notches at the bottom of your screen.
By default, Wiretap comments are turned on during a show and spoilers are turned off.
We understand that you may want to turn the comment stream off now and again. To do that, click the Wiretap logo at the top right of your screen. Our menu opens and then beside Comments, you can slide the toggle to Off.
Got it. Just wait until the episode’s credits almost finish and you’ll see an Aftershow tab for adding comments. We affectionately call that area “the wall.” You also can vote on the episode.
Then share the love. You can upvote the episode on the Aftershow tab, which you’ll see near the end of an episode’s credits.
A very good question. A spoiler is a comment that gives away info, which doesn't happen until later in the episode or series. Yes, a spoiler is a spoiler even if that info happens, say, one minute later. Here are a few examples of spoilers: saying someone will die, referring to a hookup that hasn’t happened yet, mentioning something from season 2 in season 1, and...well, you get the idea.
Sure, you may just have the itch to share something spoiler-ish. If you do, please be sure to mark your comment as a spoiler. Psst - tick the Spoiler box at the bottom right of your comment. Thanks.
Have no fear, our moderators are always on the lookout for spoilers and we take action when people drop spoilers without tagging them.
And by default – that’s a main setting, spoilers are turned off. But if curiosity gets the better of you, you can turn them on. To do that, click the Wiretap logo at the top right of your Netflix screen. Our menu opens and then beside Spoilers, you can slide the toggle to On….maybe just for a little bit.
Great question. Like how you’re thinking, because you can help moderate and keep Wiretap a safe, respectful place. At the bottom right of each comment, click and you’ll then see Mark as... Spoiler or Offensive. Choose one option and you’ll help us keep the comment stream stellar.
You don’t need to worry because our moderators are always keeping an eye out for spoilers. And we act when people drop spoilers without tagging them.
And for more info, please check out our Code of Conduct.
We love that you want to reply to someone - that’s what Wiretap is all about. At the bottom right of each comment, click and then type your reply in the pink box that appears. Send your reply by hitting return. The person who wrote the original comment will get a notification and see your reply in the Messages section of his or her profile, right away.
Happy you asked, because we love when people add to our fan community. You can comment during an episode by clicking and typing in the Add a comment box (at the top right of your screen), and then hitting return. You also can comment when an episode finishes by waiting until the credits - you’ll see an Aftershow tab, where you can leave your take. You can vote on an episode too.
Another important thing - please keep Wiretap a good, safe place by following our Code of Conduct.
Near the end of an episode’s credits, you’ll see an Aftershow tab for adding comments about the whole show. To see each comment you wiretapped during the episode, click the Your Comments tab.
Find your comment during an episode or after it, or in your profile - with all your other comments. At the bottom right of your comment, click and you’ll go into edit mode, so you can fix things up. Hit return when you’re done.
To get to your comments, you can pause the show and rewind. You also can find all of your comments in your profile. Or after an episode’s credits, click the Your Comments tab to see all the comments you made during the episode. Oh yeah, editing comments works the same in your profile and on the Aftershow tab too.
At the bottom right of your comment, click and you’ll go into edit mode. Then just click the . Presto.
See who’s already left a comment by clicking the bottom left (where there are user icons) during a show or by going to the Who’s Here tab after the show or movie ends. You get a heads up on who’s using a show or movie as a meeting place. Of course, you can be the first one to comment and start swapping ideas.
Using profiles
Click our logo and a menu will open. Then click your name to open your profile. Close it by clicking off your profile or, if you make edits, clicking Save.
Open your profile by clicking our logo and then your username on the menu. Click and type in the larger box to share a short bio. Click and type in the smaller box to enter your site’s URL. You have to click the Save button if you want to keep your changes.
The icons, from left to right, show how many comments you’ve made across all shows, how many upvotes you’ve gotten, and how many people are following your comments.
You make sure of that by following him or her. On a comment, roll over the person’s icon and his or her profile will open. Click the Follow button. You’ll then see a purple check mark beside the user icon.
If you ever decide to stop following someone, roll over that person’s icon and click the Unfollow button.
It’s easy. Roll over the icon for the person you’d like to send a message to. His or her profile will open. At the bottom right, click the Message button. A window will open where you can type your message and then hit send. The person will get a notification about your message and see it in the Messages section of his or her profile. If he or she sends you a message back, you’ll get a notification and the message will be---as you may have guessed---in your profile’s Messages section.
In your profile! Just click the Following tab to see who’s comments you’ll always see. And click the Followers tab to see who’s following you. On both tabs, you can choose whether to Unfollow or Follow users.
Earning badges
We want to recognize all that you do in our community. You earn badges by voting on comments and shows, following users, adding comments, and getting your own upvotes and followers. So what are you waiting for?
Ahhh, a sweet sight to behold! When you see a numbered pink notification circle on our logo, you have notifications, including ones about badges. Click the logo to open the menu, and scroll down the Notifications tab to see your badges and everything else happening on Wiretap.
To see your display case, so to speak, of badges, open your profile and then choose the aptly named Badges tab.
Crowns are a sign that someone has earned enough badges to get to a certain level. So get wiretapping! We’re ready to reward you with bronze, silver, and gold crowns.
Getting in touch with us
By all means, let us know. Send us suggestions too. We love to hear from the community. Shoot us an email hello@wiretap.com and we’ll get back to you asap.
Say it isn’t so. If you’d like to part ways, you can uninstall the Wiretap extension in Chrome, then that’s that.